A common and useful way to tag posts on tumblr. The 'ts' stands for 'tumblr savior', a third party app which lets users hide posts which contain certain words or phrases. If someone is tagging with a word (or phrase) followed by 'for ts', they are making sure that followers who have the word 'saviored' will not see their post, while also preventing their post from appearing on the larger (and often much more cluttered) tag that exists for the word itself.
'#glee for ts' rather than '#glee'

'#teen wolf for ts' rather than '#teen wolf'
by Fortuitous Pineapple Man September 11, 2012
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Ts means “This Sh*t
Dorek said “ts is so dumb
by COTaliin January 30, 2020
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" aye quan, you do the homework? "
" nah mane ts was too hard "
by sen.2raww March 10, 2020
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bob: dawg it smells like ass in here!
bill: ikr like ass and booty ts.
by lickmyedges August 8, 2019
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A popular way in Denver gang culture to describe the police
Yo LJ the ts are comin nigga run
by JETSMOXE July 26, 2020
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Short for for Telesync. Truncated jargon used on file sharing networks to denote a film taped off a cinema screen; as opposed to something ripped off of a retail DVD (DVDrip/retail), or even a pre-release DVD screener (Screener). Format tends to be in SVCD, but can also be in any other format, divx/xvid etc.
Exorcist The Beginning TS Xvid (POT)-DreamCD
by subtitles December 22, 2004
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