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A common and useful way to tag posts on tumblr. The 'ts' stands for 'tumblr savior', a third party app which lets users hide posts which contain certain words or phrases. If someone is tagging with a word (or phrase) followed by 'for ts', they are making sure that followers who have the word 'saviored' will not see their post, while also preventing their post from appearing on the larger (and often much more cluttered) tag that exists for the word itself.
'#glee for ts' rather than '#glee'

'#teen wolf for ts' rather than '#teen wolf'
by Fortuitous Pineapple Man September 11, 2012
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A fort is an enclosed space made from sheets, chairs and other household items. Forts can have high ceilings.
Kevin makes semi-okay forts.

You are never too old to make a fort.
by princess c January 19, 2007
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a little secret area in a store or in a house where youtubers chill, spend the night and upload their reactions. it's not a castle like building.
John, are you coming into my secret water bottle fort???
by h2008 August 01, 2018
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A large, enclosed space constructed from bedding and miscellaneous furniture a college student builds in their dorm at obscene hours of the night/early morning. Usually used as a social gathering place. Often has crudely scrawled signs saying things such as "Keep Out" or "Beware my Fortress of Doom."
Kevin builds awesome forts in my dorm every wednesday and then we eat dinner inside!
by Jacensoul March 16, 2009
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A great guy who is kind and caring and will stick with his friends through thick and thin. He is stubborn but is constantly thinking about what's best for other people. He will work hard for what he wants and always keeps a positive view of things. He is funny and is an all round amazing person! If your lucky enough to meet him then you know he will be a life long friend. There are no words to describe exactly how amazing he is, you can only know if you meet him.
Person 1: Hey, how would you describe Fort?
Person 2: You can't! there is no way to describe his amazingness
by LollipopsRCoolz June 13, 2013
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1. A bunked megabed. Also originated in 05C.

2. The esoteric, ritualistic activity done by the originators of FORT
male 1: i slept in the FORT last night. i had so much room, even the s.whale could have slept with me.
male 2: wow...that's a pretty big bed.

male 1: did you FORT last night?
male 2: yea it was the best time of my life.
by Henry Liang January 18, 2008
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Nickname given to the B-17 Flying Fortress, an American WWII heavy bomber.
Six wings of Forts just departed on a mission to bomb the fuck out of Leipzig.
by JonathanChance September 30, 2003
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