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1. A flat thin cake made by pouring batter onto a hot greased pan, and flipped to cook on both sides.


2. To flatten or squish something.


3. Used to describe a situation that isn't quite right or does not add up, usually followed by the word "ass".

4. A person that is fun to be around on multiple levels or "stacks". Usually used in a pronoun context.

5. An irregular or emergency landing in which an aircraft drops flat to the ground from a low altitude.

6. A theory that was drawn up in the aftermath of 911 that remained the official reason for the World Trade Center's collapse until dismissed by the National Institute of Science and Technology. The Pancake Theory insinuated that the towers collapsed due to shear weight of the upper floors slamming on to the floors below them and piling down on top of each other one at a time. The theory was dismissed because of its careless lack of reason and logic and the fact that it completely defies the basic laws of physics.
1. Blueberry pancakes are Kathy's favorite dish for breakfast.

2. Carl pancaked his dog Rover when he lost his footing and landed on him.

3. Eric gave Dan a pancake-ass excuse for why he didn't reply to his messages.

4. Pancake made me laugh so hard I pee'd my pants.

5. Herb had an emergency in his pants so he turned the plane around and came in quick and low for a pancake landing.

6. Just the thought of someone actually believing the Pancake Theory makes me sick to my stomach with disgust and shameful pity.
by Cyberobotic January 27, 2012
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A delicious food that, when thought of, causes the victim to fly into a hunger induced rage. Symptoms include karate and biting.
by Jeff Oakvale April 16, 2011
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A food that is in a round shape and can normally be eaten for breakfast or as a desert,served with either sugar,lemon,syrup
Billy:Mum can i have some pancakes for breakfast please.
Mum:Sure,would you like it with sugar or syrup.
by khadiebbs February 04, 2008
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Female breasts pressed against glass.
Eager to show the neighbor's her kink, Linda heaved herself against the living room window, inviting local man-syrup to be poured on her pancakes.
by Smithers-Holmes February 19, 2004
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What Prince served to Charlie Murphy after he schooled his ass in basketball.
Interviewer: All right he beat you in basketball, and then what happened?
Charlie Murphy: After it was all over, he took us in the house and served us pancakes. Pancakes.
by anonoymous! June 11, 2007
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A pancake is a mix of flour, eggs, canola oil, and milk. These ingredients are beat together in a bowl. When there is no longer lumps in the mix, the mix is put on a griddle to be cooked. A pancake is usually served with syrup, but fruits are added to the mix sometimes to be cooked inside the pancakes.
oh, these pancakes r the shit. everytime i have 'em, they make me superhorny. i swear they crush up viagra and put it in the mix.
by bobyjoel August 23, 2006
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