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The gathering of a group of animals to dine together and enjoyment of company. Generally used with loud animals and animals that might not otherwise enjoy each others company unless for food or the benefit of the group as a whole.
Are we dinnering tomorrow?
He/she/they/it enjoyed dinnering last night
by Zoobeegee January 11, 2011
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1. the act of eating a meal in the evening, which is known as "dinner"
I going dinnering and than im going movieing later on tonight.
by Kniggz November 05, 2007
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the process by which a girl will go on numerous outings for dinner with no intention of dating, sleeping with, or even kissing the guy who is treating.

Note: this is like a sport in Chicago and NYC.
We went out the third time and i realized she was dinnering me, not dating, so i was never going to get laid.
by New_Uzer November 16, 2016
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