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This is how most teenagers talk, this is used to flirt and talk to other teenagers. Adults are wary of it and all assume we are talking to perverts.
Wanna talk later? - sure we'll talk on msn messenger
by Natalie August 09, 2004
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Commonly used in text messages or social media as a short form for Very Sound Advice.
Mate 1: Hey, I'd be careful risking all that money on one bet. Only risk what you can afford to lose.
Mate 2: Thanks. VSA
by Sexucator February 08, 2021
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Currently causing the breakdown of society and the reason why most of us teenagers cant speak or write properly.

Probably will have some part to play in the eventual demise of the human race.
I likez msn lolz.

The whole world-wide nuclear attack was organising by al-qaeda on MSN Messenger. LOLZ.
by Robin Hoodie February 20, 2009
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Msn messenger is an instant messaging service. NOT a chatroom. You can talk to your friends online and your friends only, unless you add someone to your contacts list that you do not know. Its a service that allows you to talk to your friends for free. So parents stop being is NOT and I will repeat NOT a chatroom!
Mum: "I am not sure that I want you to go on this chatroom"
Kid: "It's not a chatroom its an instant messaging service"
Mum: "I'm not sure"
Kid: "Fine then, look i'll show you" *signs onto messenger*

Kid: Hiya Sarah
Sarah: Hiya
Kid: what are we talking on now?
Sarah: msn messenger....der!!
Kid: Is msn messenger a chatroom?
Sarah: No.. it's an instant messaging service.
Kid: Thank you

*Kid turns to Mum*
Kid: "See, I told you Mum, it's not a chatroom"

by Christina1337 October 01, 2005
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form of communication
where people use a language that no-one can understand

& more addictive than a drug
msn messenger person 1 says:
hey hws u
msn messenger person 2 says:
gdgd u
msn messenger person 1 says:
im gd wubu2
by emilie. January 27, 2008
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Microsoft's very own messenger service, used by a huge variety of people to chat with each other offering many useful features. Mainly used by teenagers & often assumed that the Messenger is used by perverts.
"I'll speak to you later, on MSN Messenger"
by Ringmasterrob September 15, 2004
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The newest way to have intercourse with other people.
And by intercourse, I mean speech, you perverts.
"Step aside phones, letters, morse code, and actual talking, here comes MSN messenger!"
by T.J.(cc) November 05, 2005
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