McCreamy: Allah-A
Fitz: Allah-A? Wtf? How has no one done that before?
by Exaclty August 15, 2018
stand for All ladies luv Allen Hall ( term used by da ladies for Jmob Adeezy who's Allen Hall)
At da concert da ladies were screaming "Allah" for Adeezy.
by Allahatopia November 22, 2018
A poor librarian who fails to preserve 2 out of 3 books.
We are sorry to inform you but after numerous complaints we have decided to fire you Mr. Allah
by nina69 November 29, 2020
Allah is the god that Muslims worship. Muslims believe Allah is not a human or similar to a human. Also that there is only one god. All the racist, ignorant comments on the internet are wrong. Islam is a religion of peace, and will always be. Nothing can change our beliefs, not even the bombs you drop on our mosques, not the concentration camps in China that force innocent Muslims to eat pork, wine, and many haram things Muslims are not supposed to do. If you see a muslim, please do not discriminate against them for they are just people.
Owner of a twitter account named: @tanriyiz. An atheist gag writer that criticising both believers and nonbelievers (mostly nonbelievers) in a funny way.
"kula tam "yürü" diyeceğiz, ama bir bakıyorsun ki takmış kulaklığı; allekta movit movit... sonra da vay efendim; allah beni sevmiyi -.-"
by hallederiz February 20, 2016
Allah is the name of God in Arabic, It used by Muslims. Allah is the creator of this world, Allah is not a human and so does not have any children and is not a male or female.

All the racist and ignorant comments criticizing Muslims of being terrorists are wrong, you cannot judge a whole nation on media lies, do not judge Muslims you have no right, and if you ever actually read the Quran you will realize that Islam is a religion about peace.
by Hazel900 January 23, 2012
The one God, not a god, not exclusively Islamic, as the definition above fallaciously claims. Allah is the only God, the god of all three Abrahamic faiths. "Allah" is the Arabic word for "God".
I pray to Allah in my time of need
by The Scholar March 28, 2005