actually is used alot by arabs (like me) literally means "my dear god" ya meaning my dear and allah meaning god
Ya Allah! why wont this jo-hosh leave me alone?
by arabian nights December 31, 2005
The two words you *don't* want to start hearing while you're riding on a bus, train or airplane.
Mohammed started to chant "Allah Ackbar!" as he pulled on the detonation cord on his suicide belt
by GRK April 30, 2006
when a muslim blows up
mohammed durka sheehan said:' allah ackbang' as he blew up a plane
by U.S marine core January 13, 2010

If religion existed in dinosaur times then Allah-saurus would be:
The prehistoric version of Allah, acquired by crossing Him with a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Allah-saurus would totally destroy Raptor Jesus in a fight to the death.
This puts Muslims a few steps ahead of Christians.
Sure sucks to be them. Thank God for Atheism / Agnosticism.

Other major religions such as Hinduism and Sikhism have no dinosaurs attributed to them as of current.
So a clear winner cannot be decided, although one could assume the Hindus will come out on top as they have multiple Gods.
And even the T-Rex would have a hard time Vs. multiple adversaries. I mean, he was defeated by King Kong for fucks sake.
Raptor Jesus: rawr The Bible was written by God himself, I should know I was there when he wrote it.
Christians: Teach us more Raptor Jesus!
Raptor Jesus: It says here on the 3rd Day God created Dutch Tulips.
He put them in Holland so the Windmills would keep them cool...

Allah-saurus lets out a terrible warcry
Raptor Jesus cowers in fear before the all mighty Allah-saurus.
Christians flee in terror.
by rzhhhh August 25, 2009
1. A spiritual eruption of pent up infernal jihadic forces gushing forth and ferociously searing the collective eyes of humanity with a vision supreme.
The Apprentice inquired, 'Master, my mind constantly wavering, the lantern of truths flame obscured through a fog of deception, and my soul sinks into hopeless despair as though gazing into a barren desert. I humbly ask thee, how is the revelation of a vision supreme attained in such a turbulent life?'

The Master replied thus, 'To become imbued with the eternal spirit of Allah Cockbar in this Galactic Jihad and bathe in the light of a vision supreme one must visit - Such is the will of Allah.'
by Sir.RobJ July 19, 2016
When Allah is a being a nigger
Damn that Nigger Allah
by January 29, 2022
Alias used by the fallen one in order to deceive billions under the false belief of being “god” itself

Unfortunately Muslims might never break free from the deception, another ode to his mastery over trickery and lies. “Allah” is one of the best of deceivers and it’s written that way for a reason
Allah” has slaves NOT children

“Allah” is father to NO ONE

“Allah” sends people to hell more than he gives people the promise of paradise


Allah (satan) is “god”
by Righteousridicule February 5, 2022