the real name of allah is MK
by АLLAH November 28, 2021
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most powerful character in the multiverses
allah is supreme god.
by abu bakr69 November 23, 2022
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english God
Indonesian Tuhan
Arabic rabbi
Aramaic ->ALLAH<-
Allah is not a name, its just a difference in language.
by djakjdawkjdawk May 13, 2005
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McCreamy: Allah-A
Fitz: Allah-A? Wtf? How has no one done that before?
by Exaclty August 15, 2018
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The Arabic Alli-A
Allah-A *Arabic Alli-a music*
by TheOtherSpud February 7, 2019
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This god is what Osama Bin Laden and Obama yell when bombing buses and cities in the U.S.
"Allah is Greatest"- Obama in New York
by BBC' April 10, 2022
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