A shortened term for "okay" that your friend uses when they aren't interested in whatever the fuck you are talking about. It gets very annoying at times and makes you want to smack the shit and life out of your friend.
You: Yo, I liked your presentation in class today.
Them: mk.
by Heil Me October 5, 2017
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Shortened version of umkay, which is slang for okay.
im going clubbin' tonite.
mk, can i come?
by ME December 24, 2003
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1. a shorthand version of umkay, usually chicks use it

2. abreviation for MOTRAL COMBAT, a kick ass game
1. mk, that was weird....
2. yo lets go play some MK!!!
by HockeyHippo December 23, 2006
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a way to say “ok” sarcastically . Probably used when that one classmate or relatives you really hate and talking shits.
Liam: im going to hawaii this weekend!
fred: mk
by shutupgif December 22, 2021
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abbreviation for mortal kombat, a kick-ass fighting game.
lady:whatcha gonna do today?
guy:i dunno, probably eat some hard boiled eggs and play some mk.
by knucklehead September 13, 2005
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Shortened version of marica, which translates gay, but it's used as a slang for :
1.pussy or stupid behavior.
me: Que hace mk? (3)
you: bien huevon, adivine....
me: que?
you: me compre la kawasaki
me: No sea mk!! (2), en serio?
you: pero no sabe la otra....
me: cual?
you: ya la estrelle....
me: QUE MK!! (1), severo idiota.
by joseanbck November 4, 2014
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ok but the o is a m
by sdrthjn March 25, 2021
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