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Shortened version of umkay, which is slang for okay.
im going clubbin' tonite.
mk, can i come?
by ME December 23, 2003
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Of or related to the styles, community, culture, or behaviours of Mongkok, a Kowloon neighbourhood in Hong Kong known for the alternative crowds it attracts such as punk, hipster, goth, and other non-traditional subcultures. The neighbourhood is often compared to Harajuku in Tokyo or even a Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC.
"Do you really wanna buy those black boots? You'll look so MK if you wear then with tight ted jeans."

Standing outside the MTR station while smoking and playing with your handset is so MK"
by BrianfromChicago December 15, 2011
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1. a shorthand version of umkay, usually chicks use it

2. abreviation for MOTRAL COMBAT, a kick ass game
1. mk, that was weird....
2. yo lets go play some MK!!!
by HockeyHippo December 23, 2006
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in Linux operating system command shell, and I'm pretty sure in other OS's, the prefix of many commands starts with letters "mk" that stands for "make"
mkdir => make directory
mktemp => make temporary file or direcory
mkfs => make filesystem

by kpendic July 06, 2016
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abbreviation for mortal kombat, a kick-ass fighting game.
lady:whatcha gonna do today?
guy:i dunno, probably eat some hard boiled eggs and play some mk.
by knucklehead September 13, 2005
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Short for Mortal Kombat. The greatest/goriest fighting game series ever!!!
Hey, lets go play some MK!
by JohnC7 August 19, 2005
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