A CSGO Youtuber from A̶u̶s̶t̶r̶a̶l̶i̶a New Zealand with a bunch of faggot friends that got successful thanks to one dude talking about taco children... I'm not jealous.
"You watch that Fitz video yesterday man?"
by PercocetPeter December 11, 2017
Fucks his friend’s girl when he is depressed
Fitz is a cunt
by Pickle sucker 101 April 6, 2020
A nick name for someone with the last name Fitzpatrick or Fitzgerald.
Dude Fitz was fucken baller today he hit a 3 in Nick's eye.
by Fitz Frum Tha 818 October 25, 2007
1. A suitable name to dipsnap to.
2. A kid who is popular because his name sounds cool if you say it loud enough.
"I'll dipsnap to that!"

"Fitz is a really cool name to say loud."
by berkojew October 3, 2008
A man who claims to be a YouTuber, despite his atrocious upload schedule, he makes some banging videos that are ‘gangsta’, a 6’7 hunk of a man with back problems and an overpriced ‘youtooz
‘Hey, have you watched fitz
‘Yeah, watched all of his videos this year’
‘So.. you don’t watch fitz?’
by James wookong March 5, 2021
To become someone's hoe or prostitute
Mike couldn't stand being alone, so he decided to fitz John. Today, together, they stand strong.
by Broly Bones September 5, 2018