A person below a 7 who you make a connection with early in the night who you know for sure is into you. If you don't end up with anything better at the end of the night you fall back on your insurance policy. Never get caught referring to somebody as an insurance policy.
I'm just going to take the insurance policy.
by Urinestain May 31, 2017
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Referring to a bullet as an insurance policy; Implying that you'll kill someone as a means of guaranteeing the end result.

The use of a gun, or bullet to insure ones own interest by taking the life of the transgressor.
DAN: You're fired!
Mark: I've got a 9mm insurance policy.
DAN: I'm calling the police
Mark: *POP*, *POP*

e.g. Using a bullet to insure results.
by ruralchaingang September 22, 2021
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White Man's Insurance Policy

The 'White Man's Insurance Policy' is a general principal that posits the ability of a white man, after an exhaustive but failed search for love among white women, to gain the courtship of an Asian woman who is usually younger and better looking, with relative ease. The policy has brought joy to the lives of even the most hideous and rejected men among the white population and angst among male Asian populations.
Dude, I flew to Japan last month and exercised my white man's insurance policy; landed more women than I could count.
by don_juan_7165 May 20, 2019
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