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A foomp is when something magical happens along the lines of something growing instantly or blowing up instantly but in a pleasant way. More along the lines of something good just happened.
a gun goes bang.
fireworks go bang.
cars crashing go bang.
an instant growing mushroom tree goes foomp.
a penis goes foomp.
a scoreboard goes foomp.
by brojuana February 21, 2012
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an overly grown, undertrimmed pubic hair area. when the hair grows to a point you could braid.
ex: when taking off of the underwear it makes a noise....."FOOMP"
by sabrina varvatos December 25, 2005
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The physical action involved with smoking a cigarette.

A replacement for the word, Fuck.

- Can be used interchangeably and within the same sentence multiple times.
Foompin-A, man. I've been waiting to foomp a feempin' feemp all day.
by hydrobrew March 23, 2011
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The sound a very fat person makes when their roll of fat moves away from and the suddenly hits the "normal" part of the body. This usually occurs when engulfing food/small objects (or children in the case of pedos).
Fat Man: Hello little boy, OMG look over there!
Little Boy: What?!

A few moments later...

Concerned Mother: Have you seen my son?
Fat Man: Nope... *struggling sounds coming from his stomach*
by Bob Cooke (Teacher at NPHS) August 20, 2009
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