2. An exclamation declaring to someone that one has accidentally farted gas, or farted shit.
1. A phrase used to refer to something that came out your asshole by accident, either literally, or figuratively.
2. What's that smell?
-Oh shit i farted, sorry.

1a. Hey bro, wanna watch Oprah?
-I'd rather eat shit i farted.

1b. What's that she's wearing on her head?
-I dunno, looks like shit i farted
by fruitermelon January 16, 2010
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something you say when you fart after you farted the first time. The person who invented this was a person who hated Brittanny Spears
oops I farted again. I scared you away.
by pbbts June 12, 2013
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A common French taunt. Used by John Cleese in Monty Pythons Holy Grail. Also accompanied by "Your mother is a hampster, and your father smells of old elderberries!"
Now go away, before I taunt you a second time!
by Zach G. December 2, 2003
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A term used during sexual intercourse by one or more of the participants to describe how they want to keep banging for a long time (as they dont think a fart is coming in the near future). However in the unlikely event that said participant does fart I would imagine they sexual intercourse stops........
(During sexual intercourse): Yes, Yes, Fuck me til I fart John, oh yes.......
by NathanStud April 13, 2007
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alternate spelling: i farts so smelle | the one singled out phrase i said during an among us match | caitlyn made a roblox account called “ifartssosmelle” friend it now | i farts so stank
max: i farts so smelly johnny: i farts so stank
by MaxZigZagz November 4, 2020
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The act of flatulence during intercourse. Usually only occurs with rugged ass bitches, who scream "I fart when I fuck"
Guy 1: Hey you see that girl over there?
Guy2: Yeah she's rugged, she probably screams "I fart when I fuck!"
by Keith's Uncle December 31, 2011
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What you say when you’re cooking and someone walks into the kitchen saying “Mmmmm.... it smells so good in here!”
As I slave away at the stove, cooking dinner for my party guests, one of my buddies wives says Mmmmmm... it smells so good in here! My response: I just farted.
by goodlord! January 5, 2021
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