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Acronym for FOG OUT OF MOUTH in winters, when you can see your breath as vapor.
Megan: Hey! Is it winter yet?
Daniel: I am Fooming already! Must mean winter's here!
by junglee_janwar May 14, 2015
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Foom is the sound that's made when your head explodes, like if someone's using too many sexual innuendos in a conversation on MSN.
1: I used a 10 foot pole to get that fish from the canal.
2: *foom*

His head hath just exploded.
by Bud von Rapier August 01, 2006
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The act of using your foot as a broom because you are too lazy to go to the closet to get a real broom to sweep something up.
I foomed the crumbs off to the side.

This floor looks dirty here. I think I will give this a quick foom.
by thestoneworker April 28, 2014
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Foom is the sound fire makes. It's used in the Lenore comic by Roman Dirge.
"O.K., so you like don't remember I was here before and I was frolicking about with a bunny on my head and... and you said 'Let's dance' and I said 'O.K.' and the next thing I knew you're all FOOM with the fire and the evil and the kill'n..."
-- Lenore #7, 'The Dream Catcher'
by Dreu Loy May 21, 2004
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to unexpectadely be thrown through the windshield of a pick up truck due to stopping short and not wearing a seatbelt
"Why did you stop like that? I almost foomed!"
by Airy December 21, 2006
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