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Used in 2 prominent ways:

1. Used as japanese slang for "Thank you," as 3 and 9 are "san" and "kyu" respectively.

2. Used to reference Hatsune Miku, as the alternate way of saying 3 and 9 are "mi" and "ku" and thus can be used to reference her.
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by Hardstuck Internet August 03, 2019
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to take an unfortunate loss and turn of events.
"last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back" - Big Sean (2017)
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by urbansammy January 20, 2017
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Japanese style of "Thank You"
3 = San (spelling "sun")
9 = Kyu
39 = SanKyu = Thank You
A = Hey, this for you
B = 39 ( San Kyuu )
A = Iie douitashimashite ( or " you are welcome")
by cholincool July 14, 2008
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In Japanese, 3 is "san" and 9 is "kyuu".
In a Japanese accent, "Thank you" sounds like "Sankyuu", people will often use "39" as a way of saying thanks.
A: Here's that CD you wanted to borrow.
B: 39
by ihaveapseudonym June 03, 2010
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the age before 40 and the beginning of the end. It's all down hill from here, girlfriend! Time to put it in reverse and back that ass up!!
She's 39.. it's almost over for her. "tick, tick tick".
by coming up roses August 22, 2009
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A 39 is not an ordinary party its where people get f*cked up beyond self control but the vibes are always good and having fun is what's important
I heard that @Β₯MN is throwing ANOTHER 39
by MasterPhilosophical March 08, 2020
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Screw 69, have you heard of 39? This number resembles anal sex.
You know how I lost my virginity last night? I did 39 with my girlfriend, and now she’s my wife!
by Not a legend 27 November 14, 2019
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