Used in 2 prominent ways:

1. Used as japanese slang for "Thank you," as 3 and 9 are "san" and "kyu" respectively.

2. Used to reference Hatsune Miku, as the alternate way of saying 3 and 9 are "mi" and "ku" and thus can be used to reference her.
by Hardstuck Internet August 3, 2019
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Japanese style of "Thank You"
3 = San (spelling "sun")
9 = Kyu
39 = SanKyu = Thank You
A = Hey, this for you
B = 39 ( San Kyuu )
A = Iie douitashimashite ( or " you are welcome")
by cholincool July 14, 2008
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You hurt me.
By being so careless with your words.
By saying what you don't really mean.

You hurt me.
By turning your back on me...
Meanwhile, I was trying my best just for a chance of seeing you, hearing you.

I never care too much about what people say, or think. I still don't.
I do it my way.
Maybe not the best way.
But you will see the sincerity, determination, stubbornness, persistence in my way..

Until I feel hurt..
Until I feel being pushed away..
Not only by Fate, but also by you.

Things come to you..
You never have to look for it, or try.
So you never know how hard it was for me.

In the end, it's just like that..
Not a word.
Problem remains.
Coincidences do not seem to matter anymore.
Puzzles are unresolved.
Still could not define what kind of relationship that was.
Slowly, the two distant away.
Leaving the minds wander.
Once again.

Just like that.
39 means You Hurt Me..
by Renaissance® October 12, 2021
by JVeverMind April 19, 2023
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In Japanese, 3 is "san" and 9 is "kyuu".
In a Japanese accent, "Thank you" sounds like "Sankyuu", people will often use "39" as a way of saying thanks.
A: Here's that CD you wanted to borrow.
B: 39
by ihaveapseudonym June 4, 2010
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Screw 69, have you heard of 39? This number resembles anal sex.
You know how I lost my virginity last night? I did 39 with my girlfriend, and now she’s my wife!
by Not a legend 27 November 14, 2019
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Emoticon that denotes anilingus. Turned on its side, the 3 becomes butt-cheeks, the 9 becomes a smiling mouth with tongue.
Hey, baby, I'd really like to 39 ;-).
by starved in ph August 6, 2006
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the age before 40 and the beginning of the end. It's all down hill from here, girlfriend! Time to put it in reverse and back that ass up!!
She's 39.. it's almost over for her. "tick, tick tick".
by coming up roses August 22, 2009
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