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Japanese style of "Thank You"
3 = San (spelling "sun")
9 = Kyu
39 = SanKyu = Thank You
A = Hey, this for you
B = 39 ( San Kyuu )
A = Iie douitashimashite ( or " you are welcome")
by cholincool July 14, 2008
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In Japanese, 3 is "san" and 9 is "kyuu".
In a Japanese accent, "Thank you" sounds like "Sankyuu", people will often use "39" as a way of saying thanks.
A: Here's that CD you wanted to borrow.
B: 39
by ihaveapseudonym June 03, 2010
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The act of doggy style, hitting it from the back ferociously, sliding up to the bumper in order to saddle up and ride. Other variations include pterodactyl and is based on doggy style. Phallus can be inserted into anus or vagina. True 39ing normally includes a great deal of screaming. Blood flow may ensue. 39ing never includes homosexuals queer(s) and faggot(s).
1. When Josh was 39ing Lexxe, he lifted the sheets and pulled a Pterodactyl, screaming like a deranged dinosaur and shooting his cum deep into her unprepared asshole while Thomas, stationed in the closet, videotaped while softly stroking his erect rod.
2. Stemp said, "Bob 39ed Mary so much, she required stitches to repair her demolished vagina."
by JARS December 03, 2006
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the age before 40 and the beginning of the end. It's all down hill from here, girlfriend! Time to put it in reverse and back that ass up!!
She's 39.. it's almost over for her. "tick, tick tick".
by coming up roses August 22, 2009
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A fat dumb asian kid hu gets 39/40 in a test but says 3.9 in an Korean accent
Hey Mark, what did u get in your test?

Ummm, shwee point nine (3.9)
by Chodus Maximus October 11, 2006
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Emoticon that denotes anilingus. Turned on its side, the 3 becomes butt-cheeks, the 9 becomes a smiling mouth with tongue.
Hey, baby, I'd really like to 39 ;-).
by starved in ph August 06, 2006
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A woman who is a 3/10 in real life but when she is in the atmosphere of a nightclub she has the attitude and style of an attractive woman. They often reject guys who want to dance or buy them a drink.
"Dude this club sucks, I just got shut down by a fat chick". "Way too many 39's here".
by Patrick69 November 30, 2007
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