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The nice way to call someone a fucker.
"Shut the fook up you fookin' fooker!" - Man yelling at his neighbor.
by SuperSonicX September 18, 2005
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A polite way amongst friends to call each other a fucker.
sup fooker
by ^iX^HyPeR June 16, 2003
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A way to call the guy who just fragged you a fucker without getting booted from the server for adult language.
Hey fooker! MotherFooker! you dod gamn futher mucking bon of a sitch! Quit camping the control point!
by GutterWhore July 28, 2004
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When addressing people on Facebook. Usually people say "Good Morning Facebook", OR "Good night face book", OR "hello facebookers"

So for the lazy few out there, Fookers is a joining of Face Book and ERS... makes for one easy, roll off your tongue simple way to adress everyone with out having to type all those pesky letters.
Good Morning Fookers...
Happy Friday Fookers....

To all my fookers, I would like to say __________
by thedish February 03, 2010
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One who is addicted to updating Facebook to a point in which reality is supplanted with the online social network website.
My sister sits in front of the computer 16 out of 24 hours a day updating her Facebook status, so I call her a fooker.
by PsychologicalNinja August 16, 2009
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(noun) "a fake hooker"; a woman who walks the streets looking for "clients" but is not associated with a pimp, ultimately just making her a whore
Rachel is such a fooker; She doesn't care if she makes money, she just wants to have sex.
by Coralex March 31, 2011
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