making love to the earth through the use of a bike
mountain biking is what I do all day.
by runderhill December 25, 2010
the best damn sport in the world. done in the woods or in the desert. many veriations including cross country, technical, and downhill.
i flippen love mountain biking!!!
by Roman Perry January 22, 2007
Todays golf for the middle class with too much money (10 grand bikes, 20 grand cars).
I used to play golf now I go mountain biking instead.
by puresalt December 20, 2021
the best sport ever, there are many different forms which include Dirt jumping, which is a bike a with a straight frame that jumps of large mounds of dirt, Cross Country (XC) which is a light full suspension bike which is meant for travelling long distances, and a Downhill bike (DH) which is a very heavy bike with thick tires and big front forks meant to go down mountains and so large drops
Jon:what kind of mountain bike should i get?

Shawn: i would reccomend a downhill bike or a dirt jumper bike.
Riding rad rides on revolving rollers in a dramatic, death-defying design, dispatching double-quick down dangerous descents while wrapping withered weed within whirling vellum.
Yo, bro, let's bomb these trails and blaze some trees! Hell yeah, mountain biking!
by MntnMan69 September 21, 2021
Verb. To round up and sexually abuse a cluster of chromies.
Last week Anders broke his collarbone while trying to lasso a cluster of chromies on our mountain biking trip.
by Drcocks May 9, 2020
Mountain biking is a form of Sadomasochism akin to self-flagellation made publicly acceptable by claiming it is healthy
Mountain biking has knackered my knees but I feel so much better for it
by Doomanic November 27, 2011