A non-technical photographic term for bouncing the light from a flash unit off of a nearby wall or other neutral-colored object in order to diffuse and redirect the light. It produces far more natural looking light (and shadows) than firing a flash directly at the subject.
While shooting the couple's first dance, the wedding photographer swiveled the head of his flash to one side so that he was foofing them rather than blasting them with hard light.
by fooftographer August 23, 2006
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I heard Jenny's foofing around with quite a few boys lately.
by Harriett March 24, 2006
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chilling, hanging out, not doing much. see foofin'
You: man, what are you doing?
Me: nothin, just foofin' out
by Dr. Ducks May 23, 2003
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when a male puts his genatalia between his legs so it looks like he has a fanny
"Richard Watters enjoys foofing, he is a sick fuck"
by . January 11, 2005
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The very elusive 3 utensil combo. Similar to a spork, but including the last of the eating utensil triad (knife). Foofe is derived from Fork, spOOn, and kniFE combined to form the pinnacle of eating technology.
Guy 1: Man, I wish there was a utensil to eat without using both of my hands. That way, I could eat and scratch ma' balls at the same time.

Guy 2: There is, it's called a "foofe" you dumbass
by ManBearPig97531 November 4, 2010
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1. Difluorine dioxide
2. The sound FOOF makes when it reacts with pretty much anything.
The FOOF went "FOOF!" when I spilled it on the floor. Now I have to explain the crater to my landlord.
by R-dog December 15, 2013
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a much less vulgar, more acceptable alternate word for the female genital area.
Elex: Allie, are you a virgin?
Allie: No, why do you ask?
Elex: Cuz your foof is major tight.
by Alysha May 19, 2003
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