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The most elite and prestigious title you shall bestow upon any rank of human. The rank of FooF will not be given it shall only be earned. Most people shall not obtain the rank of FooF within their lifetime, only the best of the best will ever earn themselves the rank of {FooF}
“ Damn that guy is cool”
“Yeah obviously, he is in the {FooF} clan."

"Can I join the Foof clan?"
"No, you are not FooF material Humphrey."
by TheCoachRichie December 08, 2018
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a much less vulgar, more acceptable alternate word for the female genital area.
Elex: Allie, are you a virgin?
Allie: No, why do you ask?
Elex: Cuz your foof is major tight.
by Alysha May 18, 2003
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1. Difluorine dioxide
2. The sound FOOF makes when it reacts with pretty much anything.
The FOOF went "FOOF!" when I spilled it on the floor. Now I have to explain the crater to my landlord.
by R-dog December 14, 2013
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The word everybody older than me used instead of "vagina" until I was about sixteen. I still use it now, probably due to force of habit. Even when I'm talking dirty to my missus.
Me: "Does that make your foof feel good?"
Missus: "My what?"
Me: "Too late, anyway."
by The Scandal April 06, 2005
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A form of flatulence, often found in small unhearable noises coming from your butthole. Similar to the "silent but, deadly" category of passing gas.
Ahh shit i just foofed.
by Dr. Gluteus Maximus February 20, 2009
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An expression after the realization of an amazing occurrence.
after a wicked hot girl walks by
Dan: Hey Paul, did you see that hot girl?
Paul: Foof..!
by Alpacino January 20, 2009
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slang term for the female genitalia. Much less vulagar and more acceptable than the alternative pussy or cunt. Most often used by girls themselves...
Amy: omg, i think i've got another yeast infection!
Kat: oh goodness, what makes you think that?
Amy: well my foof smells awful bad!

Max: man, i scored last night!
Zak: You feel her foof or what?
by sexybexy December 21, 2005
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