Mind is a word frequently used in Scotland meaning:

memory, remembrance, recollection.

In numerous phrases with verbs, constituting the equivalents of verbs of remembering, recalling or reminding.
"Mate, mind that time ah decked Billy?"

"Naw, ah dinnae mind that time ye decked Billy."

by GallusFud September 20, 2012
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A part of existence that philosophers and scientists just can't seem to "wrap their minds around", albeit it has been at the center of philosophical and scientific discourse for centuries.
Philosopher 1: "What is the mind?"

Philosopher 2: "I have no idea."
by FNW September 26, 2011
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Throughout modern times the word 'mind' has been added to the end of all sentences spoke in the Gloucester (UK) area. It can indicate a question, acceptance, frustration, to big up a conquest or anything you so choose!
"What's it for mind?"
"Enjoyed that mind."
"That's it, he's dead mind."
"She got rode mind"
"Big night tonight, gonna put on my new Ben Shearman mind"
"Going up town tonight mind"
"Don't smoke it all mind"
"alright my babber mind"
by Wold March 5, 2009
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Something that a pimp will take away from a weak woman.
Pimps will use your mind against you girls.
by WannabeApimpSumday April 6, 2010
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The part of your brain that keeps stuff you are aware of.

To keep (variable something) in or on the mind.

To be annoyed or bothered by something.
I'm losing my mind.

Mind your manners.

Yes, I mind the carrot peeler by my penis.
by ZERØ O'skül March 4, 2011
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I should be a part of a countdown… “might get you in on this countdown”. Counting down something with her you mentioned before, but what? I added the days… leap day🤔 … that may be a little creepy I calculated the day and also i admitted to it… forget I admitted to it:)

People have opinions of who? You and her? I think my head is over reading extra today… I don’t know why… maybe I should think on that… kidding:) well, we both know I probably okay totally will😜

I completely agree… you can’t force it. Sometimes it is there and other times my head is on an overthinking marathon… I am beginning to feel I am the world champion of overthinking… and so much of it depends on what color you are feeling… blue-everything is taken negatively; what color would you say is happy? I was initially thinking yellow, but maybe green too… I will think on that:)

I don’t know if he knows… most days I totally do and others I think I have gone cuckoo… yes, we both know I am already cuckoo, but I occasionally think I am not. Think if I wasn’t all of the lonely spiders out there… and no, Lyle is still on vacay

Time… I have no clue. All I can do is…

Do do do do (jeopardy music)

What is BELIEVE?
Green can be a lot of things… it is a color (makes blue) it can be grass, it can mean go… it may mean happy… I told you my mind is a confusing place to be…

Weird power over you… hmm. explain this power:) I may have to use it more… I don’t think I control you btw…
Usually I only control people once I meet them… I can be really scary!!!

You are completely believing me, right? I like to keep up my badass persona :)

Maybe I should be a motivational speaker:) Everyone talk to spiders 🕷️:) Just incase you think I am super nuts… that was only the second spider I recall talking to:) … but I suppose that brings the question how many were there that I don’t remember talking to? That is a very valid question that may be entered in one of the unknown mysteries of the world…

My mind is goofy and overthinking today… sorry
by Never doubt my love 4u ❤️u October 28, 2023
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Its March 1st according to Google.. you seemed interested an thought it might be easier count with someone.. guess its me that its important to though

Why would that be creepy? Its nice that youre interested enough.. sounds insane but youre the only person I get to share anything real with

I know you will.. I think you know I will now too 😜 I just mean generally.. even though its nothing do with them some jackass always has put their opinion in

Happy.. greens a good one, yellow/orange too
Blue feels like deep thinking to me too

Only occasionally? 😋 you may be a little crazy but I'm the master there.. same with overthinking.. my name means champion too so you wont win that battle :) I can feel sure about something at night an thought of 2 ways I could be wrong by morning.. hate it sometimes but.. part of who I am
Just got recognise it and try move past I guess

Maybe Lyle doesnt have his usual transport? You thought he was here right.. fair distance for a spider to cover.. even a daddy long legs

Your timescale doesn't sound very convincing :( I'm not massively convinced on mine either at present

Your mind seems an odd place sometimes.. its intriguing!
Ok maybe control wasn't the right word.. but I'm hardly a malleable person.. but somehow your words.. an demeanor just cut through me effortlessly

The power.. how to describe.. you know your squirrel face? Imagine it's similar.. use it to your heart's content but you have to promise to only use your powers for good.. :)
Your scary persona.. hmm was I supposed to believe it? It takes a lot to scare me you know.. I think you'd need to grow a little first :)

What do you mean by talking to other ones? I already have enough mysteries I need to solve without more!

You don't have to apologise to me :)

Nor explain your mind, mine has been crazy the last few days.. feel like the silence.. plus not seeing her is starting to really get to me 🥺
by Love 4u is all I do October 30, 2023
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