It’s a way so say to someone that you want them to come closer
I just want you to just fock in.
I think you should fock in
by Hey max July 8, 2018
Interchangable with 'Fuck', very common with West Midlands vowel sounds. Generally not used as a present tense verb ('let's fock' sounds too aggressive)
You fockin' what?
I'm focked! / Get focked!
by Captain Robot March 13, 2006
another way of saying fuck without being bleeped out on message boards.

Form of "fuck" used for emphasis when used as an adjective. The "O" apparently gets people's attention when they see it.
"I'm a fOckin badass"

"That's FOCKIN NUTZ MAN!!!!"
by William Chan January 9, 2004
1: 'Allo, old chap, 'ave you seen the bloody results of the football match?

2: Arsenal lost, I'm afraid.

by Nizzle Chrizzle Puzzle June 8, 2010
a substitute for the word 'fucking' which will not set off work place filters;

intensifier, very colloquial;
what took you so focking long?
by familyfeedbag January 24, 2011
Swiss way of expressing the word fuck and all variations on the word in English.
Fockin Asshoole
by bigjim555121212 July 9, 2010