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Describing something that is horribly complicated for no reason, usually in reference to bureaucracy. Named after the early 20th century writer Franz Kafka, best known for "The Trial" and "Metamorphosis".
Trying to find a good band on MySpace is kafkaesque.
by Parsefone February 06, 2006
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Euphemism for putting a pet out of its misery.
Skipper got run over by a lorry, so the vet had to send him to the green dream. Never really liked dogs anyway.
by Parsefone October 13, 2006
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1. In football, to give the ball some welly from 40 yards out in the hope you will score a brilliant equaliser and be carried off the pitch by adoring team mates, rather than hit a defender or balloon hilariously over the bar, as you almost certainly will.

2. In a wider context, to refer to somebody having a jolly good go at something that they will inevitably fail at.
1. "We're into the 89th minute. Owen's got the ball, Geremi's to his left, and...oh dear."
"What can you say, Clive. The lad was going for glory."

2. "Did you see our Jeremy, chatting up that blonde bombshell?"
"Yeah. Got to give the lad credit, going for glory like that."
by Parsefone June 12, 2008
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Either a lightweight submachine gun or a large automatic pistol, commonly used by Israeli militia or African mercenaries. Named not so much from the sound they make but from the indiscriminate bullet spray they produce.
Burp Guns are illegal in most parts of the world, and with good reason.
by Parsefone August 06, 2006
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1. One saddled with unhelpful bowels.

2. A tribe of indie centred around the piano-centric stylings of Coldplay and various copyists, e.g. Snow Patrol, Athlete, Embrace, James Blunt, Starsailor, Travis. Named by that respected and affable pillar of the musical community that is Liam Gallagher, they are generally associated with sensitivity, scarves and limp wrists.
1. "Better not put the good sheets down whilst Gran is around, Darren. She's a bedwetter and sensitive to that sort of thing."

2. "Better not put Rage Against The Machine on whilst Hubert is around, Darren. He's a bedwetter and sensitive to that sort of thing."
by Parsefone December 05, 2005
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To be intimidated or coerced into doing something you'd rather not.
I didn't want to write the report as it wasn't my responsibility, but Mike the cunt sandbagged me into it.
by Parsefone October 13, 2006
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