A form of storage for clothing which requires no hangers, drawers, doors or effort. Simply drop on the floor and you have a floordrobe.
We have a very stylish colonial-style his and hers walk-on floordrobe at home.
by Melander April 17, 2007
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A storage system for clothing created entirely by placing one's clothes on the floor.
a much lazier version of the wardrobe. Even lazier than the chairdrobe, plus you save a place to sit.
1: do you have a clean shirt I could borrow?
2: I don't know. Let me check my floordrobe
by sterlinglynn September 11, 2008
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where you put your clothes when you come home after work/school, instead of the wardrobe or washing.
"Where should i put this?"
"Just chuck it on the floordrobe."
by Gems May 11, 2005
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when you've either run out of room in your actual wardrobe, or you're just too lazy to put your clothes in a chest of draws, and they just lye on your floor.
Sure I'd love to come out tonight, let me pick something to wear from my floordrobe
by smithers_x July 2, 2009
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the storage of one's entire wardrobe on their bedroom floor. this situation most often arrises with high school and college students and also with those that live in their mother's house.
Some people see a pile of clothes, I choose to see a floordrobe.
by king louis III February 17, 2009
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A good excuse for those of us who are either in a rush with everything, teenaged or just to lazy to fold clothes neatly, iron or hang up shirts. Instead you just throw it on the floor.
Moody old mother: hang your shirts up!!
Teen: naaa don't need to their all ready on my floordrobe
by 96DJROCKER February 1, 2011
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is common mainly with teenagers where you wardrobe has basically been emptied onto your floor therfor makin your floor a floordrobe, simple as that
gettin home everyday throw ur clothes on floor and eventually builds up to a nice chunky floordrobe
by mitch p January 29, 2008
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