life's a bitch, and then you die, thats why we puff lye, cause you never know when ya gonna goo
by Plato July 26, 2004
Smoke from weed
used by rappers in songs such as;
Tupac "Krazy",
Big L "Ebonics",
Big Punisher "Off Wit His Head",
Don Cartagena "Walk On By",
Ms.Jade "The Bitch Rap",
Noreaga "Married to Marijuana",
Nas "Life's a Bitch",
Foxy Brown "If I...",
Az-Izz "Macosa"

exert from Big L's "Ebonics"

"Check it, my weed smoke is my lye
A key of coke is a pie
When I'm lifted, I'm high
With new clothes on, I'm fly"

exert from Macosa
"I'll blast the guys that don't pass the lye"
by suuuuuuuuu November 8, 2007
more specifically, the smoke from marijuana
I got the lye in my eye.
by emjay December 17, 2003

another synonym for weed
''...Time goes by, puffin' on lye, hopin' that it gets me high...'' from Tupac's song 'Krazy' on Makaveli The 7th Day Theory
by Teck September 10, 2007
Time goes by, puffing on lye, hoping that I get some high.

-Tupac, Krazy, Makaveli
by MexWanker September 21, 2004
1. not an acid substance, it is a base and you use it to clean your oven and shit
1. This lye formed table salt and water when I mixed it with hydrochloric acid.
by GhettoBallerina June 4, 2006