When a person's emotions go from extreme high to extreme low in a short period of time. This variation can sometimes be scary, irritating, or even annoying!! >_<
eg. anne went from super hyper to super depressed in just an hour!
by *OxYgen July 5, 2004
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A crazy guy who abuses power, pretends to be loaded, throws people through windows, sues people for no damn reason, and then tells them how much he likes them!
That moody is one unhinged mug, the took a bat to my car and then asked if I wanted ice cream!
by WiggleWorm775 January 5, 2011
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To lie excessively. A compulsive lying disorder.
"I slept with 12 girls last night and gave them all 30 minute long orgasms with my 12 inch penis"

"Stop being such a Moody"
by ex0h July 11, 2006
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When a person delays the rotation of a bowl being passed to stop and tell a long, winded story. In most cases, one that nobody cares about.
Blah blah blah blah blah....Dude, stop pulling a moody and pass that shit!
by Bog and Kyle January 8, 2011
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Moody is a guy who is passionate, determined and one of the most intelligent in the world. Moody is extremely caring and loving, he will help everyone around him and always likes to maintain peace. Moodys are destined to fall for women that their names start with an “N”. Moody’s determination and intelligence will make him rule the world at some point in his life. He is loved and cherished by everyone, he is one in a million.

If you don’t have a Moody in your life you’re missing a lot.
That guy is so successful, he is such a moody.
I love moody.
Moody loves N.
One day you’re rule the world, you’ll be like moody.
by YWBIDH April 14, 2020
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Moody is a name for a boss sexy guy moody is very sexy and hates non sexy people
by DarkKoddy December 27, 2011
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Last name of a hot, attractive dude with a slongdong!
Damn Mr. Moody has a huge lollipop.
by Head ahh boiii November 28, 2018
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