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where you put your clothes when you come home after work/school, instead of the wardrobe or washing.
"Where should i put this?"
"Just chuck it on the floordrobe."
by Gems May 11, 2005
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Belvoir Terrace means beautiful hills and the name of a premiere six-week residential summer camp for girls 9-16 in Lenox, Massachusetts. Food is great and girls can take classes in visual art, dance, music, theatre, musical theatre, voice, Shakespeare, opera, tennis, swimming, horseback riding, archery, and so much more. NYC actors visit and perform and Alan Menken often does camp sing-a-longs from his work. Girls attend from all over the US and the globe!
Belvoir Terrace
by Gems May 6, 2014
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When something extremly funny (or not)happens you should repeatedly yell this word.
Someone trips over. You yell "ME-HE" in a high pitched voice at them. MEHE!
by Gems July 27, 2003
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n. slang term for a bra. a sling in which to hold your breasts. derived from the inventor of the brazzierre, Otto Titsling.
see also; tits.
"She was completely naked under her dress. She wasn't wearing a titsling."

"I bought a new titsling the other day."
"Is it pretty?"
"No, but it gets the job done."
by Gems May 20, 2005
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deriv. shizzle.
see shit.
1. trouble, danger etc.
2. lies, ridiculousness, folly etc.
3. an expression of anger, unhappiness, shock, surprise, pain etc.
1. you're in the shiznit now!
2. that's bullshiznit!
3. oh shiznit!!! that really hurts!
by Gems May 11, 2005
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see smitten.
a state of infatuation, usually referring to the past tense.
1. you smat me!
2. he's got her completely smat.
by Gems May 16, 2005
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