Is definded by a Girl/Guy who always playfully touches,goofs around,or playful hits one another etc... to the extent that it is considered "flirting" to guys who are single but also in a relationship where the guy is clearly taken but that guy/girl doesn't care , so they make fools of themselves.
Rachel always playfully engages with James by touching, hitting or other disturbing actions she did that upset the girlfriend so she considered her a "flirter"
by the crazy lady April 30, 2006
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Someone who is in love with flirting. They don't necessarily want a relationship, just someone to flirt with.
Person 1: You like him, I know it!
Person 2: No I don't, I'm just a hopeless flirter!
by Flirter October 14, 2013
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A teenage girl who always leaves flirty status/picture/general comments on guys' myspace, facebooks, etc. using flirtatious language, which actually turns out to sound really stupid
Picture comment of hot guy examples:

omggs hella cute:)
yewww shoulddd text meee sometime(;
dammnn boy, you is hella handsomeee
your cute (:

Profile comments on MySpace:

heyy(: I'm Britneyyyyy whats yourname:)?
heyyycutie:) sup?
yoursupercuteXD whats up?(:

etc. etc. etc.

An extremely overly used picture comment often used on hot emo myspace whores:

your cute(:

you will see about 50 on any hot myspace whore's image comments. Anyone who uses these excessively is considered an internet flirter.
by Anna! =) November 27, 2009
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lizzie: "omg, i think he's really into me! did you see how he touched me?"
carly: "i wouldn't get too excited, he's a serial flirter"
by sep24 September 25, 2011
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Keyboard jockey, living in parents' basement, throwing around compliments to girls on the Internets like it was going out of style. Verbally e-assaults any "female" on the Webs who posts any semblance of a picture by telling her she is "hot" and using emoticons to make up for lack of testicular fortitude. Typically found in the "boring states" of the US (middle 42 states). Known for cheesy jokes and feminine e-talk.
HumanTarget is the lamest e-flirter on the Interwebs.
by KillahBee October 16, 2006
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IE: Gilas. An individual who flirts with their fish.
by Teddyaltmanisbad101 March 21, 2021
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when, after flirting with another individual while under the influence of an outside substance (alcohol, music, atmosphere, etc), you encounter said individual and regret your previously flirtatious actions; this feeling can be especially strong when "hanging out" was suggesting, and said individual attempts to make a later encounter occur.
Mark: I just saw that girl from the party and she asked for my number so we could go to a movie.
Alex: You should have never talked to her, man.
Mark: I know. Total flirter's remorse
by MerP not MaP January 27, 2009
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