One of those chairs that is made of a long rectangular body pillow with some fold points stitched into it. Usually the chair is uncomfortably short to sit on, a bit too narrow for easy sleeping, and has a very wimpy "backrest" that doubles as a neck roll.
A flip-and-fuck is a vital piece of cheap furniture for a college student.
by mistress_munchies June 27, 2005
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to freak out. it's the millenial version of "buggin." synonymous with "i'm going to shit twice and die."
"when the teacher told me the test was four hours long a flipped a fuck!"

"if i see that bastard today i'm going to flip a fuck!"

by t_town October 18, 2006
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1. To freak out.
2. Literally, to give some one the finger.
Carrie will flip a fuck if I ditch her tonight.
The bitch mugged me so I fliped a fuck.
by Pincapallina March 19, 2006
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to make like a weasel, and rapidly spin around, opening and closing your mouth and generally acting panicked.
Karkat got hit by a bucket, and proceeded to flip the fuck out, it took Terezi drubbing him with her cane to calm him down.
by deathsChemist April 26, 2012
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(Noun) Dormroom-style foamy cushion chair that flips out into a bed.
Kyle and I couldn't find an empty bed, luckily there was an unused "flip n fuck" upstairs.
by matty January 19, 2004
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A fold up casual chair, usually made of foam that folds into thirds to sit in and folds out on the floor for guests. Handy for overnight guests or impromptu sex sessions.
My air mattress leaks, but luckily I had that flip n fuck in the spare room for my guest.
by Zette November 20, 2006
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