change sexual orientation usually by coercion and/or manipulation
Be careful, they'll try and flip you.
by austin the goat February 11, 2005
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Another word for E.

Note: If the pigs get you with E you can face attempted murder charges!
man lets go and get some flips from sam and get fuckin lost!
by Dope_Babe August 27, 2006
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to make double the profit off of something.
Some bitch gives you 25 bucks, you go by a half and sell it for 50. you flipped it and came out double.
by Big MACK April 23, 2003
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Used as a single expression. A word used as a code to indicate that a hot/cute/sexy person is around. Can be used as an adjective,or noun.
"Wheres the flip?"
by dai dai March 16, 2005
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Flips- or also known as Filipinos, which come from the Philippines. The Philippines are made up of many small islands, and is in fact in Asian territory, making them asians; although they like to be considered "Pacific Islanders" most of the time. Flips are usually chill kids that hang with big groups and mostly anybody, being so nice and friendly. Filipinos are well known for being kind, helpful, relaxed and very funny people. They also love to cook filipino foods and if your ever go to a filipino 'farty' then you'll probably here some karaoke. Flips, if not whitewashed, mix up the "P's" with the"F's" because of the tagalog slag while speaking english.

If your really are a Flip, then you are kind to everyone especially your family or anyone really close to you. If you are a guy teen, then you either dress like you shop at Old Navy/ Walmart or you dress like a skater and always keep your shoes clean. Filipino people are cool and easy to talk to when ever. While hanging with bigs groups of 5 - 10 people at a time, flips are friends with many people, mostly vietnamese and korean asian friends. Flips are usually short for their age but are very smart, organized and love to play basketball. So if your hating on Flips, then try to be friends because they're probably really cool.
Guy 1: Who's that kid over there, he looks spanish or something?
Guy 2: Na man, he's a Flip.
by b-ballplayr101 December 08, 2010
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