A Skateboarding company who make decks, wheels, etc. They also make skateboarding movies, such as "Sorry" and "Really Sorry" featuring skaters like Tom Penny, and Ali Boulala.

They also make clothes too.
Flip decks are cool.
by Flip February 01, 2004
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acronym for Fuckin Little Island Person. The darker toned asians who seem to have no problem with wearing do-rags, even though they don't have waves. They're a tight circle an conceited. The smaller ones cause the most beef.
GAME OVER for Lil Flip... Hhahahahahahaha
by Dunleavy Mt. Pleasant Dough November 29, 2005
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Slang for a Filipino.

Originally a derogatory term meaning Funny Little Island People.
Fucking flips stole my watch on the jeepney.
by Bastos November 01, 2007
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car;or ride sumones flippa
"mayne, wherez da flippa"
"muh baby momma got it to go to werk"
by SnOw WhItE April 06, 2004
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