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The tagalog word for "rock" or "stone"; it is commonly used as a slang term for methamphetamine in Hawaii.
"Brah, you like go smoke batu?"
by nuDS December 21, 2008
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Batu is ice in Filipino. So as to say lets smoke some ice. You say lets smoke batu.
Hey cuz, you get any? Not one, BATU!
by localbruddah June 21, 2005
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Short hairy man, often found summoning the devil or smoking cigarettes. Very lightweight but pretends they have a good alcohol tolerance. Might be found calling out hoes to protect his bros. Might also be found looking for better friends to party with and following around his friends in places that rhyme with Lukes
"Where's batu?"
"Oh just out for a smoke"
by wdtobwy February 26, 2019
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