flava flav was the first crazy rapper wearing a big clock(the early version of the bling bling era).
The sentence : YEAH BOIIII , he used a lot, just like lil jon does these day's with his version oh-kaaay and such.
public enemy was the group that made the first real hiphop,
you can find traces of public enemy even in tupacs lyrics.
legendary tracks where flava flav got famous with even with the mainstream:
fight the power
bring that beat back
Don't Believe the Hype
Bring the Noise
Rebel Without A Pause
911 Is A Joke
Shut 'Em Down
by RaphaelNesta April 22, 2006
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the most annoying rapper on the planet. not to mention ugly.
Someone needs to get rid of flava flav! Literacy rates in the world would rise 45%!
by beachbunny100 May 3, 2008
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A freezie popsicle that is usally found in a freezer
Hey mayne can i get a flava flav from your freeza
by johny thundercunt August 8, 2006
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a girl with really big breasts or titties like Bridgette Nielsen
a girl with big tits walks by. the guys look at each other and say "Flava flav".
by pete skeet February 26, 2005
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A one-time, long ago rapper Pubic Enemy--and current coon act who wears an oversized clock around his neck to remind every one what time it is--never explain the attachment or its symbolism.

His Vh1 TV performance is based on reciting two or three same-sounding sentences about getting 'close' to females who are actually more stupid than he is with names like Krazy, New York and Deelishis whose collective goal is producing more illegitimate mirror image selves--another example of--

cool-hip black folks who want to remind us how guilty we should feel since the end of slavery 150 years ago--so we can support and forgive their still-clinging, semi-illiterate admiration of gansta-lov'in culture.

Not be confused with the RedNeck--that perpetual sub-human group of honky-crackers proud of the red-soil southern roots, grits and confederate flag flying from their four-wheelers and Ford 150 pick-up trucks, complete with shot guns for killing deer, rabbits, coon, and all other unarmed, four legged creatures they slaughter daily before prayer time and Larry the Cable Guy.

Similarities of Rednecks and Flava Flavs include a love for their Mothers--or MotherFuckers when you consider their individual and collective ability teach their children anything of lasting value save more illegitimate children.

"Hey, Flava Flav, its time you paid child support...you fucking moron!"

by sj martin October 27, 2006
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An ugly ass black guy that wears a huge shiny clock while walking around at night attracting attention (hoping no one will rob his ass) so cars can see him and dont run him over. His clock is a chick magnet and most of the time forgets he is wearing it, but is very useful for when i need to know what time it is i just put on his show. He is an old school rapper and was in Public Enemy which is all u need to know...
If suddenly the urge to walk around at night and skwank some hoes, and if ur black or wearing black clothing, dont forget to wear ur old trustee flava flav signature 15 in. diameter clock for protection against incoming vehicles. Thats if u can afford one... Ha! Ha! Ha! Yeah Boi!!!!!
by El Mannyac January 1, 2009
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The coolest fucking rapper in the universe...well, him and Chuck D, both of whom are in seminal rap group Public Enemy.
Man, Flava Flav is funny. FUNNY LOOKIN'! WHAT,
by Tommy Wommy Womsters September 16, 2003
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