Descriptor used to discuss the colossal nature of a female behind. Literally meaning, the booty is so big, those pants must have another pair of legs in them.
Damn, Shawty is four legged. Have you seen her Instagram?
by Beefjerky9500 May 10, 2016
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a term used for polo shirts, specifically from brands like ralph lauren (horse), lacoste (alligator), abercrombie and fitch (moose), etc. that have an animal with 'four legs' on the chest.
"wow, look at that fag in his layered four-legs"
by 93theory October 30, 2008
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A four-legged rake is a dog that insists on rolling in fresh-cut grass or piles of dead leaves, just for the sheer joy of carrying them into the house with him. Once, the leaves are on your floor or furniture, they become yard dandruff.
My Chihuahua is a four-legged rake. He just brought in half the lawn.
by PsychoPuppyDad October 15, 2015
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Name used to talk about ownership of a dog or rabbit or pig or cat. (abort mission, it is not a four legged child).
'Hey, I'm a father of one four legged child.'

'Oh really? What happened to the child? So sorry...'

'Sorry for what? It's called Buddy and is a Labrador Retriever.'
by vamosver March 14, 2017
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the ability of a quadruped to use all of its legs for acceleration and braking. Elephants are said to possess this ability. This is possible because power is imparted to each leg. Other quadrupeds are said to have rear-leg drive. Such animals use forelegs for braking and hind legs for acceleration.
Elephants are the only four-footed animals that are blessed with four-leg drive.
by uttam maharjan April 2, 2010
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Though often forseen as inappropriate in an educational environment, a four legged shower monster is the act portrayed by two sets of legs in a single shower. though often thought of as somebody with excess limbs, a four legged shower monster is actually two separate human beings, sporking in the shower.
I thought that kid was a four legged shower monster, turns out he was pounding vag. I'm lovin this breakfast sausage.
by the big dipper February 21, 2009
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A large breed dog such as a German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman, Pit Bull, etc. that will foil an attempt to burglarize your house by making a chew toy out of said burglar. Ninety Nine times out of a hundred, the sight and sound of the four legged alarm system on the other side of the door would be more than enough to deter a potential burglar into looking elsewhere for an easy target. The four legged alarm system can also double as a car alarm as well personal protection against muggers and\or rapists while walking alone in the dark. Highly effective when the four legged alarm system is given a junkyard dog name such as "Scraps" or "Tiny".
I live in a crummy neighborhood but I've never been robbed since I've been here, because I have a four legged alarm system, a 130 pound German Shepherd that barks and growls fiercely at anyone with dark skin that walks by!
by Jay Dog February 2, 2010
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