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What 99.9% of is lacking.
by Anonymous May 28, 2003
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Having the ability and comprehension level enabling one to efficiently communicate with others within a specific profession.
However, a common misconception of this word defines it as having the ability to read with comprehension.
For example, a financial analyst does not have to be literate within the confines of working in the food industry, whereas a server or chef does not need the kind of literacy associated with working in the finance world.
by Anonymous January 14, 2004
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Something which is actually lower in the US than many other countries.
Adult litweracy rates:

USA, Austrailia- over 95%

Cape Verde, Africa -71.6%

Bahrain- 85.2%

Uk, France, Netherlands,Georgia, Eire, Japan, Russia, Nauru, Canada - 99.9%

Azerbaijan- 97.3%

Maldives 93.2%

Sri Lanka - 90.2%


Uzbekistan - 97%

Turkmenistan, Trinidad and Tobago 98%

Barbados- 97.4%
Kyrgyzstan - 97%

South Korea- 98%

North Korea- 99%

Vietnam- 93.7%

Phillipines- 94.6%

Brunei- 89%

Cambodia- 38%

China- 82.2%

Tonga- 93%

That's a selection of countries and their adult literacy rates. Isn't it funny that the USA, who is best represented on this site has a lower literacy rate than the former USSR countries.

I is teh klevar gooboo!
by Gumba Gumba April 08, 2004
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