What 99.9% of wordurbandictionary.com/word is lacking.
by Anonymous May 29, 2003
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Having the ability and comprehension level enabling one to efficiently communicate with others within a specific profession.
However, a common misconception of this word defines it as having the ability to read with comprehension.
For example, a financial analyst does not have to be literate within the confines of working in the food industry, whereas a server or chef does not need the kind of literacy associated with working in the finance world.
by Anonymous January 14, 2004
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Something which is actually lower in the US than many other countries.
Adult litweracy rates:

USA, Austrailia- over 95%

Cape Verde, Africa -71.6%

Bahrain- 85.2%

Uk, France, Netherlands,Georgia, Eire, Japan, Russia, Nauru, Canada - 99.9%

Azerbaijan- 97.3%

Maldives 93.2%

Sri Lanka - 90.2%


Uzbekistan - 97%

Turkmenistan, Trinidad and Tobago 98%

Barbados- 97.4%
Kyrgyzstan - 97%

South Korea- 98%

North Korea- 99%

Vietnam- 93.7%

Phillipines- 94.6%

Brunei- 89%

Cambodia- 38%

China- 82.2%

Tonga- 93%

That's a selection of countries and their adult literacy rates. Isn't it funny that the USA, who is best represented on this site has a lower literacy rate than the former USSR countries.

I is teh klevar gooboo!
by Gumba Gumba April 8, 2004
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a superficial job created in school's for teachers who can't hack it in the real classroom. Usually parents have complained about these individuals, so the administrator creates a position for the individual, where the person can't do too much damage.
Q= "What happend to Mrs. X ,that terrible teacher? "

A= "She's a literacy specialist now."
by gitararvey March 23, 2010
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Net Literacy is the process of increasing computer access, computer and Internet literacy, and Internet safety and financial literacy awareness together with a users own personal interest to create a value proposition that results in an indivdual understanding the value of boadband and the Internet. Net Literacy results in digital inclusion. A youth empowered organization uses Net Literacy process in a wiki-management style to increase digital inclusion.
Organizations that use the Net Literacy process reduce the digital divide by increasing digital inclusion.
by TheWiseOwl July 26, 2009
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The feeling of venomous bile rising from ones stomach when people can not master basic English.
"I was on Facebook and I saw Joanne's post. She keeps writing defiantly instead of definitely, it gives me literacy rage"
by nicestcuntyou'llevermeet March 7, 2017
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Media Literacy describes the act of being capable of handling different forms of media and being competent,critical and literate. It means being in control of what to interpret into things we see or hear and believing everything right away.
Media literacy is about helping people to become more competent with what they see/hear etc in the media and be critical about it.
by JetBlackColors September 1, 2015
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