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An ambulance specialized in care for steamroller accident victims. Definition is too short, my ass.
Oh no, Bubba got run over by that steamroller. Quick, get a flatulence!
by Bubba July 7, 2004
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a women who opens her legs like scissors so another women can do the same adn there for bump rugs
Maggie you should be a scissor fighter with that girl
by Bubba January 30, 2003
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-The top of the hill
-Campus of sluts
-Nice, new, clean dorms
-Great place to party on the weekends.
dude, lets go to bubba's and beat some bison ass
by Bubba July 14, 2003
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The worst thing to happen to you if you are in prison.
Don't drop the soap, or you'll get a T-dub.
by Bubba March 7, 2003
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created by an unassuming and brilliant broad named Bubba, shwa has many different applications and meanings, depending on circumstance and emotion involved. A hybrid of the archaic expression, "say what?" shwa has developed a life of its own and is traveling over the country as it is exchanged in conversation.

Originally used as Bubba-speak for, "What!!!!" shwa is now taking on any myriad of meanings. See examples below...
Example A:
Beets: Oh man Patrick O'Sullivan just scored a short-handed goal!!!

Bubba: Shwa!!! THAT'S ROCKIN!!! GO PATTY O!!!

Example B:
JSR: That new girl thinks Lenny is stupid, Bubba.

Bubba: Shwateva...

Example C:
ItsMraHole2U: Hey Bubba, I am in need of your superior advice...

Bubba: Ah yes, the office of the Shwalillama is now open...
by Bubba February 14, 2005
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masturbation. made in an auto tech shop by horny people.
if I see any hot naked chicks im gonna throw my rod
by Bubba December 31, 2005
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Meaning "rat bastard," this word has evolved out of the more commone phrase, "fat bastard."
Young Gary, that rat baztad, was content alone - with a cheeseburger.
by Bubba September 11, 2004
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