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Flanneling is the female equivelant of teabagging. The woman in question saunters up to the intended victim, which is ideally in a relaxed lying down state, open and receptive to new experiences.

Upon arrived, the woman gently lowers herself onto the victim's face, and attempts to lay down her labia on the bridge of the victim's nose.

Note that women who have given birth to multiple and/or oversized children make for more successful flannelers.
Dude, I was just taking a nap and Stacy decided to give me a good old fashioned flanneling, it was scary yet awesome.
by Flannelexpert July 22, 2009
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When a woman seeks out a new relationship before Winter falls in the hope of having someone to huddle close to during the major holidays.
Rando: Jen seems to be a bit desperate these days...
Rando 2: I think she's flanneling. No one likes those awkward Thanksgivings alone.
by JaredfromSubwayBruh November 02, 2016
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