The lesbian uniform commonly used to attract a mate in the wild.
Nature documentary: Notice how that wild lesbian is trying to attract a mate with her flannel and cats, it seems she has the attention of another wild lesbian but she is too busy chasing after that uninterested straight girl to notice...
by YassQueen! October 6, 2020
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A parlaiment of owls, a pride of lions, and a flannel of lesbians.
by lwog January 26, 2015
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A comfortable, soft weave of cotton that is found in shirts and pajama pants. It is commonly found in button-down form. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles. It is safe to say that flannel shirts will not be categorized to a certain subculture, as they are worn by many, from jocks to hipsters.
"I wore my new flannel at the party last night. The girls were all over me!"
by Occult Aura December 29, 2010
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A word commonly used for towel in English speaking European countries.
He got up in the morning and washed his face with a small flannel.
by pastelsam May 12, 2015
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Definition of a male flannel is a man who does everything in his own power to attract the attention of a female partner even if it means crossing swords, dressing inappropriately, causing a dramatic scene in which he plays the vital main role and backstabbing his fellow comrades to achieve the attention.

There's a International level of chase for women, if you go over the 70% your a flannel.
A flannel wearing an obscenely tight Vest to show of his muscular contours to impress women.

A flannel would be trying hard in a club to pull every girl in sight.

A flannel refuses to go out with his mates, rather stay in with his girlfriend/wife.

A flannel would be picking you up from the train station so you can get home, but in a last minute change of plan ditched you for a chick.

a flannel idolises women, treats men as inferiors.

One infamous person named Mark Williams is known to be the largest flannel of mankind; he can absorb the attention of up to 130 women at any one moment in time. Last few sightings in clubs have been in UK, Cambridgeshire area.
by Anonymous Dubber November 30, 2009
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What a group of Earpers are called.
I saw a flannel of Earpers in the wild at a convention the other day.
by earper October 31, 2021
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