Flaite: a young male from the outskirts of big cities, like Santiago de Chile, dressed provocatively, aggresively and always "a la mode" (only that his fashion is van Diesel, Cromagnon-inspired) and whose language is always pre-cognitive and inherently obscene even when he tries to camouflage it like that of a normal human being.

His trousers are usually in imitation of the addidas - or other well-known brand - tracksuit, and with slippers imitation-nike and every single piece of clothing of highly doubtful legal origin (except perhaps, for the greasy, "elephant's condom" wollen cap,

The haircut is in the "small chamber pot" style and everything about him looks unenviably proto- (or post) delinquent.

Flaites are born-breeders and almost always end up by siring some poor baby that soon would become the substance which the malnutrition units in public hospitals are made of.
Most juvenile offenders and thieves in big Chilean cities are flaites
by Cub y EG August 16, 2006
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A Chilean Spanish word to describe people from the lower classes, who speak a lot of slang and sometimes steal things. The equivalent of a British chav and something like white trash in the States.
Persona 1: Quién te robó tu bolso?

Persona 2: Un chico puro flaite, weon! Por la chucha! Po.
by Emily and Alex June 11, 2008
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Flaite us a person badly dressed and of bad breeding, which he likes to ask money and if it does not it obtain steals of any part.

In addition, they are the dross of the society, by which they should be eradicated of this.

They inhabit the outskirts of Santiago of Chile, and usually they "works" in the city downtown
The person who robbed that house was a flaite
by Andres Castillo May 27, 2006
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a "flaite" is a person that it uses to be in the streets, like alcohol, enjoy partying, etc. its a person without any future.
-there was full of flaites in the party of anne!
- yeah i know, they are everywhere now!
- yeah that sucks

-a flaite tried to stole my purse!
- omg why there are so flaites in this country!
by fran..chile February 16, 2009
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Chile's national scum.
People who dress like a rapper (a poor one), listen to raggaeton and other american rappers without even knowing what the songs say.
They are known for stealing, but they don't steal people that are whith their eyes "wide open" (i mean... not fooling around with the face of a dumbass)
oh noes!!
that flaite stole my purse...
by Xavi_cardenas November 25, 2007
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Flaite is a person who like to steal to people
they like to dress like snoopdog and hear bad music. They usually use a knife or a gun to get what they want. they like to think they are rich.
flaite: look what i got! a new rolex I just stole it from that guy
flaite2: nice! let sell it and smoke some weed
by cholga August 7, 2007
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A personality flaw that provides some real benefits

Alternately, a personality trait that, taken to extreme, could also be viewed as a flaw

A portmanteau of "flaw" and "trait"
"Man, that Joe sure is a cheap bastard."

"Yeah, but he gets to go on awesome vacations every year. I'd call his skin-thriftiness a flait."
by ivangimpo August 19, 2011
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