1. Someone who comes from the South American country Chile

2. Awesome person
Chileans are the coolest people ever, i wish i was Chilean too.
by dannnnnnn@ November 23, 2009
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1. Fastest and hardest to understand dialogue of Spanish. Only los Chilenos can manage to speak in such a way because they are skilled in such areas.
2. Chilean people are extraordinarily friendly, have morals, care about other people than themselves, respect people, respect the earth and it's nature. It is not hard to appreciate a Chilean. In looks Chileans usually look like Spaniards. We tend to be light skinned with dark hair and dark eyes, but there are many Chileans who have light hair as well. Chileans are known to be extremely attractive and are enveyed by other South American peoples.
3. The culture of the extraordinary Chilean people is one that can not be taught or read, but must be experienced.
1. Person:" So what are you?"
2. Chilean: " Chileno"
1. Person:" OMG, YOU ARE CHILEAN? WOW what an honor to meet you, that's hott!"
by Chilena March 6, 2005
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Extremely cool person coming from the country Chile.
"Wow, she's so Chilean."
by Snitchy March 2, 2003
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A person from the Country Chile, which is located in south eastern part of South America....im from chile!!!!!
The Chilean People R the BEST!! :)
by Chileno Stud July 31, 2003
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a person coming from chile
chile is the most important country in latinamerica
its awesome n when i went to chile was incredible
chileans are extremely funny,cordial,lovable,etc
jamie: where r u from?!
gustavo: oohh...i'm chilean
jamie:ooh thats awesome!
gustavo: yeah i know
gustavo: do ya wanna be my gf?
jamie:of course!
by gianfranco October 20, 2006
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A person who hails from Chile, a country located in South America, BUT they are not Spanish, they are from Chile (Chilean).

Even though a person may speak spanish it doesn't mean that they are spanish. If a person from Argentina spoke spanish, they are considered Argentinian AND NOT SPANISH!!

Some ppl need to learn that just because you may speak the language, and look the part, you ARE Not Spanish. Its like a white guy going to Africa (not south) and saying he's african because he can speak African, jeez.
in Brazil, they speak Portuguese BUT they are Brazilian and Not Portuguese. Same thing applies to a person from Chile, they can speak spanish and they look spanish but deep down inside they are chilean.
by Blackman1212 March 25, 2007
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