a word used in a random conversation when you have nothing else to talk about and you wanna be funny
Bat 1: you wanna know whats a really funny word
Bat 2: what?
Bat 1: FIFE
Bat 2: bat 1, you are completely retarded
by the bats April 05, 2003
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Better way of saying future wife, on account of fiance sounds gay and French.
My fife Lauren talks too much, but I'm gonna marry her anyway.
by dutchey October 09, 2010
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1) an instrument of the body, not unlike human sexuale genitals. Noun/Verb
2) A term used to discuss in code the human sexual prowess.
3) A flute
Take that fife out of my butt
by joey spina September 16, 2003
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it is an eating untensil. similar to a fork, except the left edge is serrated like a knife. this makes cutting and eating food easier to do using only one tool. a similar concept is a spork. however, the ridges would be like a butter knife so that one would not cut themselves in the process.
i felt relieved when i used a fife instead of a fork to eat my lasagna.
by yola pilch May 01, 2006
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What you say when you don't want to lose your seat.
Replace fives with how long you want your seat reserved.

Hundreds are ok
Hundredtwenties are ok, but not "hundred and twenty" since that is NOT RECOGNIZED.
You can sit in someone's seat while they are away but you must move before they come back.

Time machines:
Unless they say no time machines, if you take their seat when they are away, when they come back and say "i had hundredmillions" you just say you traveled in time.

Rules change when a fag calles five.
Yo i gotta go hook me up wif some of those chocolate muffins in that snack bar, fives on my seat.

Ahh, i wanted his seat, but you didn't call no time machines haha you suck.

Oh well, I guess i'll have to bust a straddle.
by j-money-josh April 16, 2006
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Fives is a game played by two or more people using a football. The first person kicks the ball against a wall, if it touches the walll it is the turn of the next person to kick the ball at the wall and so on...
If someone misses they lose a life, but the ball is continued to be played by the next person from wherever it is missed.
Each player starts with fives lives and the single person with at least one life left is the winner any appropriate punishment can be given to the looser!
What you doing?
- Playing fives

Get a ball, we'll go play fives...

We need to find a wall first before we can play fives...
by poulter7 July 29, 2006
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