to emphasize on how good something looks.
Usually used to describe how good someone's clothing is.
yo that boy over there lookin real wavy Oww
by personyia January 26, 2009
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Them: Her tits are as big as Sigrid’s
Me: Oww
by Owwabroner April 27, 2019
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Only with whites
Oww can you run from the police and not get shot
by CancerCandy69 April 11, 2018
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means 'Watch Out!' except 'wich oww' is usually exclaimed loudly and obnoxiously in a high voice.

is usually used to tell someone to watch out for stupid things.
Wich oww i'm gonna throw this book at you!

that guy has a gun wich oww!

*batter hits foul ball into stands* WICH OWW!
by Mc Soolis May 26, 2009
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An unstable state of mind which leaves one teetering on the brink of insanity, often causing one to ritualistically disembowel one's immediate family or sometimes just be institutionalized. Occasionally resulting in promiscuous sex which one will not remember.
"After Jeremy consumed too many drugs, he was so Oww Jeka that he chased his father around with a band-saw at the family reunion. Then he fucked an entire female professional lacrosse team, remembering nothing."
by Leviticus Promiscuous March 2, 2011
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