Phrase for claiming one's portion of a sack of marijuana, or hits from the joints rolled from it, typically one quarter of a twenty dollar portion. Also means to have a stake in, or some control of, a situation.
Nigga, I got five on tha twenty sack - Snoop Dogg, 'What's My Name?'
by Lazy Blaze March 26, 2003
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Saying that you will pitch $5 on a sac of chronic.
Guy:I got 5 on it, I got 5- What you got nigga?
Guy2:Damn I think I got two bucks in my sock nigga
Guy:Well thats that-
Guy2: Fuck it, I think I got 3 bucks in my backpack, enough to get a fat sac.
by Luniz July 24, 2005
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I got five on it is a reference to a hiphop song made by LUNIZ in 1995. It means for everyone to put down a five dollar bill to get weed
Person A: wanna go to the store?
Person B: sure, I got five on it, do you?
Person A: yeah
by Juicebud December 28, 2018
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"I got five on it" is a statement from the Luniz. They were a rap duo from the yay area. The term means i got five on: that sack, that bottle, that BLUNT... hahaha
Ya, i got five on it. Hurry up and roll it up
by maxinda925 February 1, 2005
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An expression a student typically says when he or she did well on a College Board AP exam.
"Hey man, how'd you do on that AP fizzics exam yo?"

"I got five on it, n*gga."
by missymissy May 4, 2009
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meaning 'Im on it', or 'Im in control of the situation'. 'I got my hand on it'
by Hell4aHuslta January 24, 2003
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