A small, keyless transverse flute used to play military marches and folk tunes, most often with the accompaniment of snare drums and sometimes bass drums. A fife differs from a piccolo in that it has a cylindrical, or straight bore rather than a straight headjoint and a conical bore. This causes the fife to have a more intense and shrill sound than a piccolo. With the exception of some fifes developed in the 20th century, fifes are normally in one piece instead of two and have only six tone holes.

Since the mid 19th century, fifes have been most commonly manufactured in the key of concert Ab above the treble clef, but are named "Bb fifes" for the pitch heard when the lowest D is fingered, the same way recorders and tin whistles are named. The fife can only be played accurately in the keys of D, G, and A major and those relative minors due to the limitations of only six tone holes. Fifers always play music the octave above what is notated to get the instrument's piercing power.

Fife and drum organizations are most common in the Eastern United States and in Switzerland, but are also found in other parts of the world.
We listened to the fife and drums as they marched in the parade.
by ironmatic1 November 06, 2020
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A fork and a knife put together. One end has a knife, another has a fork. Who needs two hands after all?
"Jeremy, pass the fife. I can't be bothered getting a knife and fork."
by noneedtoskeet March 29, 2019
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Short for "feminist life" or "female life"
Do something with your fife that would make some guy from the 50's angry.
by JRich. September 16, 2020
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New age term for what people call their close friends. Used interchangeably with bro, dude and mate
Guy 1: you know that guy James?

Guy 2: Oh yeah bro he’s my fife, he always there for me
by Bigman2122 March 31, 2018
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A land in which the fairy pigs also known as the shittiest police force in existence is, marked by the extremely high level of dope fiends and meth heads that run around toothless hooping and hollering all night, you can spot the infamous howling gorilla from the upper tiers of the travelodge castle. And gaze upon the drooling red eyed succubus stripper, hooker, googly monster who stomps around in her loud ass clogs all night up and down the strip a block from pigland, aka the police station. If youre lucky enough and get a room at the Travelodge Fife crack castle you may be unfortunate enough to hear the always heard but never seen Crackfoot stomping above your head as it dances around its bed in the center of the room while the smiling meth demons look on, be careful walking on the ground made of syringes and meth baggies, and beware of the 12 year old with the tech 9 and no sense, because one thing is for sure the fairy pigs don't care they're busy tending the fat ass worthless fuck flavored donut fields. You can find Fife located on the large hunk of mold called Washington state just follow the Aroma of Tacoma and you'll know you're on the right track.
I am going to be going to a party at the Tacoma Dome, I think I'll stay at the Travelodge Crack Castle In Fife.
by Sockrates March 13, 2017
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a word that you say when you get up from a seat so that no one can sit there while you leave.
by bumblebugg December 06, 2020
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