Loud and clear. From military erminology. Old radios had two readings. Loudness and clarity rated from 0-5. Thus five by five means literally loud and clear.
How's my signal?

Five by five.
by huddaddy September 10, 2003
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Term meaning everything is OK.

The term comes from old radio slang. When communicating over radio, the operator would report the strength and clarity of the signal on a scale of 1 to 5 each. Therefore, if a radio operator described the signal as "five by five" it meant it was both loud and clear.
I don't use the phrase "five by five" because they use it on Buffy.
by SpeedoMask August 11, 2003
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A term used by Faith on Buffy, to discribe a situation as ok.
I'm feeling five by five
by jayde September 16, 2004
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Means " Things are OK"
"Five by five" was used in the film "Aliens" by the pilot during the dropship descent to LV-426 to denote that they were on course
by tonyhippy December 15, 2011
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Originally an aeronautical term that is the equivalent to the modern "Loud & Clear". In slang usage, it means "great, fine"; popular in New England, it was made famous in "Buffy: the Vampire Slayer" from its overuse by the rogue slayer Faith.
"No worries, B. That vamp tried to kill us but I got mad skills. We're five-by-five here."
by Sikozu Sta.-Ána September 4, 2003
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five in the goo and five in the poo!

^ fist in the pussy and a fist in the ass
i gave a girl a five and five last weekend.
now shes wearin a diaper
by TripleNickle April 12, 2006
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Verb -- Freaking out or tripping on drugs, usually psychadelic mushrooms or hallucenogens.. Inspired by the song "Five-Five-Five," by Frank Zappa. The instrumentals tend to inspire people to take drugs. Once in a state of inebriation, the maddening guitar riffs of "Five-Five-Five" make Phish look like O'Dweeds compared to the wicked buzz you cop from Frank's Fiver. Which is ironic, because Frank Zappa was very much against drugs.

Also simply referred to as Fiving, rolling with Frank's bunch, or 2F.
"Yeah, man, I was totally Five-Five-Fiving it last night with Frank's bunch. Had like, fifty mushrooms and some beer, man. It was like getting a year's worth of pussy in four minutes. Uh... what was I talkin' about, man?"

"No way! You were 2F without me, man!? Dude, I so hate you now! Just kididng, brah."
by DeusExMagna November 20, 2005
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