1.A derogatory comment for a bumbling idiot, refering to Barney Fife of the popular american TV series The Andy Griffith Show.
2.Sometimes used when refering to an incompetent policeman.
Settle down officer, don't be a Fife!
by fuckface gimp September 06, 2006
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When one backs into someone's car as a direct result of an overconfident cocky attitude.

Originated from Central Connecticut when a young male with the last name of Fife became known for backing into vehicles, with the attitude described above.
Dude! You fifed my car!
by L-Bear1234 January 26, 2011
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Fives is the plural form of five dollar bill. This bill pictures the first Republican president, the man who preserved the union and signed the emancipation proclamation freeing the slaves, Abraham Lincoln.

American currency includes ones, twos, fives, tens, twenties, fifties, hundreds, and some other higher denominations I can't even afford to look at, much less own.

In coinage, a five is the equivalent of 500 cents, 100 nickels, 50 dimes, 20 quarters, ten half dollars, or five dollar coins.
He gave me two fives for a ten.

Fives are printed at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.
by osun's village January 03, 2006
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a game played by posh people who attend exeter university. the game has grown to include other posh poeple though. no scrubbers need apply. played by either having your fist open (five) or closed (zero), the player shouts his bid and then adds up the number of hands in, is he guesses right, he goes out, if he guesses wrong the game continues with the next person. used often as a drinking game.
fives. its a quick game its a fast game. ten, ahhh, you prick!
by tstst October 13, 2006
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Used to save a seat for five minutes. If some one takes your seat and they were present when you called fives, you get to punch them 5 times any where you want, and they cannot protect themself via blocking or anything. (nutsack is recommended)

After five minutes, the seat is up for grabs.

If someone wasnt there when you called fives, they still have to give up the seat.
Joe: Fives on my seat you niggerlovers
---Josh arrives and sits in joes seat---
(upon returning)Joe: get the fuck out of my seat josh, i fives'd it
Josh; DEAL(with it)!
Joe punches Josh twice in the face and three times in the sack
joe reclaims the seat
by Tom the Tool bag October 27, 2006
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Better way of saying future wife, on account of fiance sounds gay and French.
My fife Lauren talks too much, but I'm gonna marry her anyway.
by dutchey October 09, 2010
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a word used in a random conversation when you have nothing else to talk about and you wanna be funny
Bat 1: you wanna know whats a really funny word
Bat 2: what?
Bat 1: FIFE
Bat 2: bat 1, you are completely retarded
by the bats April 05, 2003
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