five in the goo and five in the poo!

^ fist in the pussy and a fist in the ass
i gave a girl a five and five last weekend.
now shes wearin a diaper
by TripleNickle April 12, 2006
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a term used in the military to say everything is in order. another way of saying squared away or ship shape.
"Is everything in order?"
"Everything is five by five"
by rickysayshi January 1, 2009
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The cutest lil bean. Can (and might) actually kill you. Can jump through space and time. He jumped, but he never acorned. Looks 13, but is actually 58. Loves black coffee and Dolores. Don’t fuck with him.
Person 1:“Oh you know Five?”
Person 2:“Yeah”
by dumb hoe 1234 April 17, 2019
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Putting in some money toward the purchase of an item or items. Usually indicates a willingness to contribute $5 on a $20 bag of weed.
"I'm about to see Joe to pick that got five on it?
by Big Daddy TJ April 27, 2006
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Character of the Umbrella Academy comic by Dark Horse. Small boy with the mind of a 58-year-old man, he was trapped in the ruins of Earth for 45 years (give or take), recruited by The Commission as an assassin, and returned to his deranged family in 2019. Upon his arrival home after what was to his siblings 17 years, he attempts to stop the apocalypse running on coffee, alcohol, and the encouragement of a mannequin. He celebrates with margaritas and contemplation of his future.
“Does anyone else see... little Number Five, or... is that just me?”
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To give a high five when a good joke or comment is made.
Amy- That singer is as bad as the girl on the first round of American Idol
Me- five it!!
by Meghannn17 October 29, 2007
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