Fission is the splitting of one, tangible or intangible, into two or more new things that possess either properties from one or the other. In physics it is the splitting of one element to create two or more new ones. Splitting a single Helium atom into two Hydrogen atoms.
Nuclear fission could cause energy problems.
by Definition Evil Twin November 26, 2013
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Originated from Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons Of Liberty. What is different is that they changed the first two letters in order to confuse the player. Sometimes used on messageboards to show defeat or total pwnage.
"That sign said Mission Failed so I turned the power off."

"Dude, it was Fission Mailed, they just tried to confuse you, now you gotta start all over again cause you didn't save. Pwned!
by SCANK April 18, 2005
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The act of freckles multiplying whilst in constant sunlight.
"Why have you got more freckles in the summer?"

"Because of frecular fission."
by j_lesnoood June 14, 2018
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A theory in evolution explaining why the male human specimen developed two voluptuous balls instead of keeping the standard one nard. The evolutionary process began shortly after 1901 when Hubert Cecil Booth invented the vacuum cleaner. It is perceived in old written scripture that angry housewives would often explode on their male counter parts and suck their poor sad little dangler right up the vacuum hose. Thus forcing men to develop a second nut.
The first signs of SCROTAL FISSION were noticed in 1909, when Dr. Edbert Cockle was fondling a young man behind a desk, when had noticed a strange bulge in the boys scrotum next to his nut.
by psylence July 12, 2015
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A butt hole that is penetrated so forcefully that it rips open the size of the Grand Canyon and starts leaking brown liquid hot magma uncontrollably. When gas is released from the ripped and butchered anus hole the wind force is similar to that of El Nino.
Molly, your ass is in the primary stage of anal fission: its gaping. I need a gas mask for your anal fission Molly, its getting stinky back here.

by Richards March 28, 2008
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A term loosely meaning that you have been embarrassed to the highest degree, similar to pwned and You Got Served

Origin: Metal Gear Solid 2 near the end of the game, there's a screen that says that very phrase that's supposed to mimic the "Mission Failed" message you get when you normally die in said game.
Dude, your girlfriend sucked my cock last night! FISSION MAILED!
by DANfan February 21, 2005
A term coined by people that don't know what nuclear fission is....
Nexon Developer A: "Hey what's that thing that makes atom bombs go pow?"
Nexon Developer B: "uuuh idunno let's google it." *googles* "It says fission but I don't know which type."
Nexon Developer A: "Let's just call it Atomic Fission, no one will notice."
*queue 4 years later of people bitching about it in the forums*
Nexon Developer B: "Should we change it?"
Nexon Developer A: "Naaaah"
by ThatOneNerdyBitch February 16, 2017
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