Smelly but necessary for a fried frice.
A: Why don't you put fish sauce into your fried rice?
B: Why should I? It's really smelly! I hate it!
A: But... if you don't put it, your fried rice won't be tasty as you think!
by Ms FluffyCat February 9, 2023
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Any type of condiment one puts on a female vagina to increase the male's enjoyment of oral sex.
ex. whip cream

Hmm! Thats some mighty fine, tasting goods you got there. What type of fish sause is that?
by somemoron May 1, 2005
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1. Staple product of Vietnamese people.

2. Cause of bad breathe.
Vietnamese people cannot eat anything without fish sauce.
by S March 16, 2004
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The goo left in the bottom of a boat, fish locker, cooler, etc. after containing fish for a while.
Hey, look out! Don't step in the fish sauce, it's slippery!
by wifflebird April 8, 2008
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The wetness of a woman vagina that gives it that fishy smell
Damn, Girl you need to get int eh shower and clean up some that fish sauce. Your smelling ripe.
by Mr Emptypants September 18, 2015
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The wetness of a woman's vagina, that gives it that fishy smell
Damn honey, go wash up. You got a McFillet going on down there with extra fish sauce.
by Mr Emptypants September 19, 2015
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A delightful delicacy enjoyed in places like South East Asia. Sure, it smells, but the Umami taste is to die for! Asian gangsters will take shots of it as initiation or just for fun. But NEVER, EVER, EVER microwave it. You will regret it and everyone else who uses that microwave will suffer too. Also, if you think fish sauce smells bad, try Shrimp Paste.
Thug 1: "Ai-Yah! I put da Fish Sauce in all my rice meal!"
Thug 2: "Ai-Zah! I know it good, right?"
Thug 3: "Ai-Yah! I had it in my rice yesterday and I'm microwaving the leftovers right now!!"
Thugs 1 & 2: "Ai- YOU DID WHAT???!!!!"
by South East Asian Man September 1, 2022
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