Lindsay Lohan's nickname courtesy of Brandon Davis. Debatable as to if the insult points to red pubes, a nasty case of STD's, or her being a promiscuous whore.
Brandon Davis announced to the paparazzi that Lindsay Lohan is a firecrotch while Paris Hilton laughed nearby.
by Heather (Ya Know) November 24, 2007
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The red pubic hair of a redhead (contrary to previous posts, matching pubic hair is not "unique" -- blonds have blond bush, brunettes have black or brown bush, etc -- anyone who doesn't know that probably hasn't seen many women undressed.)
Gawd, you wouldn't believe the fire crotch on that girl!!! Uhmmmm hmmmm, thinkin' about it just turns me on!!!!
by Ihatedummies May 26, 2008
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a fire crotch is a redheaded lady who is amazing in bed. She's on fire!
"Man I am so sore from that fire crotch I boned last night."
by BBQPorkRibs February 26, 2010
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intensely awesome in the sac due to an abundance of red pubic hair
man, that firecrotch offered a good lay lastnight
by lauren December 15, 2003
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