an action performed:

1) for luck.

2) to exclude oneself from the rules which would normally apply.

3) to imply that "we're like *that*", ie as close to each other as two crossed fingers

Can be represented by the emoticon (yn); apparently this pictorially resembles crossed fingers ...
1) fingers crossed for your driving test!

2) "It": Tagged you!
Taggee: No, you can't, cos my i've got my fingers crossed.

Ma: How could you lie to me, Johnny!?
Johnny: It wasn't really a lie, ma; I had my fingers crossed behind my back.

Cop: You're under arrest, Sonny Jim.
Boy: You can't arrest me, cos I had my fingers crossed when I burgled all those houses...

3) Mafioso: Me and the Don; we're like *that*
Other guy: (gulp)...
by Mathilda Underfoot February 7, 2010
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It's a saying said when you wish to wish good luck for something.
Man: Babe I really hope it doesn't rain tonight.
Woman: Yeah, me too, my outfit will be ruined.
Man: Fingers Crossed Fingerbang Kate Moss
Woman: Fingerb-who? What?
Man: Chill it's jus a sayin, for the cool kids.
by Lord Kato of House Stargaryen October 24, 2017
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The act of fingering, upon which she slides her fingers in, crossing them with yours to double the sensation.
Man 1: Hey, how was your night?

Man 2: It was pretty good! I was fingering my girl, then she slid her fingers in beside mine. I just went with it and she started seriously moaning, we were like.. Finger Crossed Lovers or something.

Man 1: Thats stupid, you should call it Cross Fingered

Man 2: Shit, that's so much better.
by ThisDarkKnight August 6, 2013
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it means being "one"; two become one as in two bodies become one in sexual intercourse; being one in mind and body and soul;
locked together as in coitus interruptus (sex).
crossed fingers sex fuse weld fusion
by everywomansman September 15, 2013
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It means youre the Fukin best and everyone knows u
Look *name* is 3 fingers up /arms crossed and 3 fingers up on each hand that means he must be the best
by hot May 4, 2022
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Refers to where you also manually cross your ring-finger over-top of "Big Boy", and then cross "Little Boy" over-top of your ring-finger; the theory is that perhaps this will give you a better chance of not getting your a** blown off than you'd have from crossing just your first two fingers. Extra points if you cross all four fingers of both your hands in this way, and/or if you also scuttle around and similarly-arrange da hand-appendages of any and all bystanders (provided their fingers are slender and limber enough to fairly-comfortably do so, of course) prior to saying, "Well --- here goes nuttin'"... with THAT voluminous number of "overlapped digits", it would conceivably put pressure on Fate to allow your endeavor to succeed, similar to how a prayer-chain supposedly does with God.
My elderly neighbor had given me a ride downtown to fill my water-jogs at the local public faucet, and he was concerned that his car's severely-worn starter wasn't going to "mesh in" correctly when he turned the key. So I jokingly showed him the "ultimate" fingers-crossing when he was ready to try starting his car; he looked at my seemingly-impossibly-"pretzeled" fingers and said a bit sadly, "Zheeesh --- I could NEVER do that with my poor old craggy arthritic fingers!", and then tentatively "twisted da brass" and beamed appreciatively when the car's engine whirled right over! "I guess crossing your fingers like that DID work," my friend chuckled.
by QuacksO November 21, 2018
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Means that we're team Izad.
2 fingers crossed, team Izad.
by ImanWasHide June 12, 2022
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