sexual practice in which the penis is withdrawn prior to ejaculation to prevent the deposit of sperm into the vagina
my girlfriend sprang coitus interruptus on me the other night when she was riding me cowgirl style and i ended up with a belly full of sperm.
by hal March 26, 2004
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In Latin a form of birth control, the deliberate withdrawal of the penis from the vagina at the point of orgasm to prevent conception.

The practice predates the invention of condoms and was messy as the female's stomach was sprayed with sperm.
Caesar's sperm was spilled on Cleopatra's belly when he ejected his penis at orgasm.
by Richard Black March 24, 2005
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latin- the act of removing the penis from the vagina right before ejaculation commences
Last night i was tappin my girlfriend raw and i pulled a coitus interruptus and busted a nut all up over her piece.
by Ronald Yum May 29, 2003
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The title given to any person with the uncanny knack for accidentally interrupting folks having sex, generally right before they climax. The type of interruption can range from a phone call to a 'surprise' visit and entails multiple 'incidents' over an extended period of time.
Wife: "OHH F&^K... Just like that, baby!"

Kid K, popping up beside of the bed: "HEY GUYS! What are y'all doing? I wanna play, too!"

Husband to Kid K: "Get out of here! No you can't play with us but if you get out, I'll be out there in just a minute!"

Wife: "Crap... Another orgasm foiled by our little 'coitus interruptus'..."
by TaTa Bondage December 15, 2010
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sex that stops short of blissful termination a.k.a. the orgasm
Damn, you got off already? Talk about coitus interruptus!
by Sex_is_a_Drug May 11, 2010
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to disturb/disrupt two people having sex, thereby stopping them from doing so. Generally with some sort of reason.
"Where did Alex put the keys to the car?"
"I dont know, go ask him."
"i cant, hes banging his gf"
"Guess you'll just have to go Coitus interruptus them"
by _Dan_the_man_ February 9, 2006
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Sex terminating due to interruption prior to successful ejaculation.
Coitus interruptus - When some jerk barges in when you are busy coiting. Real bummer.
by Super fun happy times November 6, 2009
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