Said by a more experienced person to a less experienced young male in order to pull rank, upbraid, or remind him of his place in the pecking order.
Next time you pull a stunt like that , Sonny Jim, you'd best complete your homework.
by nomoonherecallbacklater February 2, 2011
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an exclamation of surprise and/or embarrassment. akin to "holy shit" or "dang nabbit". Often uttered by the elderly.
Cletus: "Hey Bill! You left the tacklebox on that there dock!"

Bill Dance: "Sonny Jim, you're right."
by BillDanceFan May 6, 2010
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Said by old people to younger people meaning: "young fella".
"Hey there 'sonny jim'."
by diego August 16, 2003
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from Kung-Fu. Episode with David, old John and robert Carradine as the retard "sonny jim"
shoes on the wrong feet, a real sonny jim.
by Chris "the inspector" September 17, 2005
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